molecular beacons


Table of contents

  1. Basic papers on molecular beacons

  2. Review papers on molecular beacons

  3. Papers on molecular beacons used for detection of DNA and RNA in living cells

  4. Papers on molecular beacons used in real-time PCR for SNP
    and mutation detection assays

  5. Papers on molecular beacons used in real-time PCR for DNA, RNA
    and pathogenic detection assays

  6. Papers on molecular beacons used in real-time NASBA assays

  7. Papers on molecular beacons used on arrays

  8. Papers on general application of molecular beacons

    I.   Basic papers on molecular beacons

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    II.   Review papers on molecular beacons

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    III.   Papers on molecular beacons used for detection of DNA and RNA in living cells

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    IV.   Papers on molecular beacons used in real-time PCR for SNP
    and mutation detection assays

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    V.   Papers on molecular beacons used in real-time PCR for DNA, RNA
    and pathogenic detection assays

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    VI.   Papers on molecular beacons used in NASBA

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    VII.   Papers on molecular beacons used on arrays

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    VIII.   Papers on general application of molecular beacons

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Recent Publications from our group

Marras SAE, Bushkin Y, and Tyagi S (2019) High-fidelity amplified FISH for the detection and allelic discrimination of single mRNA molecules. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 128, 13921-13926

Marras SAE, Tyagi S, Antson D, and Kramer FR (2019) Color-coded molecular beacons for multiplex PCR screening assays. PLoS One 14: e0213906

Vargas DY, Marras SAE, Tyagi S, and Kramer FR (2018) Suppression of Wild-Type Amplification by Selectivity Enhancing Agents in PCR Assays That Utilize SuperSelective Primers for the Detection of Rare Somatic Mutations. The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, 20, 415-427